Pool Supplies in Eunice, LA

Pool Supplies in Eunice, LA

We have everything you need to get that pool crystal clear for summer!

We have all been there, the ice has thawed and spring is in the air. We take the cover off that pool to find that green soup just below the cover. Give us a call or come on by to get all the pool supplies and chemicals to shock that pool back into shape. We have everything from pool chemicals and pool filters to pool brushes and pool nets. You can give us a call to order in bulk, or even if we don't have it in stock we have a great relationship with our suppliers so we can get your order in stock in no time.

We have pool experts in the shop so if your new to the pool game and not sure what you will need, our staff has the experience to point you in the right direction so you can not only have everything you need but know when and where to use everything.

Pool Maintenance and Pool Services in Eunice, LA

Pool Maintenance and Pool Services in Eunice, LA

Homeowners with pools enjoy nothing more than floating on a raft and basking in the sunlight. But homeowners with pools hate nothing more than actually cleaning and maintaining their pools. That's where the pool pros at Bengal Outdoor Maintenance come in. Not only do we enjoy pool maintenance, but we've got the experience needed to get in, get it done and get out.

Our pool maintenance services not only include standard vacuuming, skimming and filter back washing, but also include standard chlorination and water treatment chemical maintenance. Our team is also experienced and trained in liner repair and replacement and in ground pool concrete repair and sealing.

For pool maintenance repair in Eunice, LA, or surrounding areas, call the pool pros at Bengal Outdoor Maintenance today.

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