About Us

About Us

I would like to take this time to welcome you to the Bengal Outdoor Maintenance, L.L.C. family. I, Blake Darbonne, am the owner with support of my family: wife Amanda, daughter Madison, and sons Ashton and Braylon.

We purchased J.R. Lawn Care along with its clientele in June 2010 as J.R. Lawn Care, L.L.C. J.R. Lawn Care was a well established business with 40 to 50 properties in the Eunice, LA area for almost 20 years. Our business has since grown to over 80 properties in the Eunice, LA area. Our clientele includes parish property, doctors' offices, and other local businesses, as well as residential properties.

In September 2011, we expanded our services to include pool maintenance. In 2012, our business name was changed to Bengal Outdoor Maintenance, L.L.C. As of January 2016, we have opened Bengal Outdoor, L.L.C. Bengal Outdoor, L.L.C. is our retail store where you can purchase products for your outdoor maintenance needs.

At Bengal Outdoor Maintenance, we truly appreciate all of our customers. Thank you for your business and continuous support.

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